Infant Protection

Posted Mon, 05/04/2009 - 19:02 by Ncallister

In today's world guaranteeing the security of infants within Maternity, Neonatal or Paediatric departments is a major concern. While the numbers of abductions globally are small, the disruption, emotional turmoil and cost caused by an abduction are massive.

Traditional security methods of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and Access Control (AC) cannot pro-actively protect infants, as they are either retrospective (i.e. With CCTV you see what happened after the event) or flawed (i.e. With Access Control unauthorised entrants can tail-gate or steal cards to gain entry).

Ascom's KinderGUARD Infant Protection system is not designed to replace the traditional CCTV and AC systems. In fact by deploying KinderGUARD along side the traditional security systems the level of protection is increased substantially. The reason for this is simple. As soon as the RFID tag attached to an infant comes within range of the sensors, which are mounted at each entry and exit point, an alarm is immediately raised and the door can be automatically locked. In other words, the abductor cannot leave with the infant.

In addition - if the baby RFID tag is removed or tampered with, a patented detection system immediately raises an alarm and can lock all doors. Again the abductor cannot leave the secure area with the infant.

Staff wishing to escort an infant outside the designated area can key in an "escort code" on the door-side control panel to open the door and enable the resident to leave with them.

In the event of a fire alarm, all doors will be automatically opened to allow staff and patients to quickly leave the designated area however each egress is logged.

Each door-side panel has battery backup so that it can still operate during a power failure.

Ascom's KinderGUARD Infant Protection system is a proven system and is widely deployed in the US. There are several reported instances where abductions were specifically foiled by the presence of a KinderGUARD system.