Posted Mon, 01/19/2009 - 15:56 by admin

In many situations the instant dispatch of information to key staff is vital to guarantee an immediate response and hence a satisfactory business outcome.

Ascom's solutions enable text messages to be immediately dispatched direct to individuals, or broadcast to groups, using a wide array of receiving devices and wireless networks.

Recipients can receive messages on the following basic devices...

- Traditional pagers (POCSAG)
- Mobile phones (GSM & 3G)
- DECT phones (Kirk - Polycom)
- DECT phones (Aastra - Ericsson)
- WiFi phones (Spectralink - Polycom)

The following advanced devices can also receive messages...

- Ascom DECT handhelds (9d24, d41 & d62)
- Ascom WiFi handhelds (i75)
- Ascom UHF handhelds (telePROTECT a71, p71 plus teleCOURIER p71)

The advanced Ascom Messaging handheld devices (DECT, WiFi and UHF) can receive messages with an inbuilt Accept and Reject tag, which provides the key part of the escalation process. The Accept/Reject tag forces users to respond to alarms and messages and as a result guarantees user accountability and an effective outcome.

All Messaging events within the Ascom DURAsuite system, including the original message and the associated Accept/Reject acknowledgements and escalation chain, are time and date stamped and logged for post processing.

Messages are typically generated from integrated management systems and also from LAN/WAN connected PC users with a Paging Graphical User Interface (GUI). Examples of the types of management systems supported are...

- Nursecall
- Hospital Management
- Building Management
- Fire Panel
- Access Control
- Information Technology (IT)
- Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
- Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
- Gaming Management.