Posted Mon, 05/04/2009 - 16:19 by Ncallister


Within the healthcare environment Ascom's solutions enable...

- Increased staff protection
- Protection for infants and children
- Nursecall integration
- Communication to the patient bedside
- Quicker responses to medical emergencies
- Quicker responses to security threats
- Rapid response co-ordination to trauma or disaster situations
- Real time medical alarm delivery
- Increased efficiency of orderly and porter staff
- Clinical grade handheld devices


In Accident and Emergency (A&E), Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation departments (D&A), staff operate in a highly volatile and often times violent environment. Ascom's Next Generation Duress Systems enable staff to work more confidently and securely as they carry the ultimate wireless duress handheld units on their person at all times; units which are used throughout hundreds of Australian and thousands of European hospitals.

Protecting infants
and children from abduction in Maternity, Neonatal or Paediatric departments is of vital importance due to the massive disruption, emotional turmoil and cost that can be caused. Ascom's Infant Protection System uses RFID baby tags to supplement existing core security systems such as CCTV and Access Control, to maximise security levels by eliminating the inherent weakness of those systems in the specific area of infant abduction prevention.