Posted Mon, 05/04/2009 - 15:19 by Ncallister


When patients press the nursecall button to summon assistance, a message with all the required information (i.e. bed number, ward identification, alarm type and time) is immediately dispatched to the local care givers. With a simple push of a button the care giver can immediately call the patients bedside to inquire as to the nature of the request and either respond in person or organise a suitable response thereby providing the most effective and efficient response.

With simple to use and highly automated messaging and paging capabilities, Ascom's solutions enable rapid and robust broadcast notification of medical emergencies (e.g. cardiac arrest) and security threats (e.g. duress alarms, physical violence, infant protection alerts and fire alarms) to staff regardless of their location.

In the event of natural disasters, pandemic illness or terrorist attack, Ascom's solutions enable the development of automated and robust systems for the mass broadcast of alerts to rostered and non-rostered staff.

Local care givers can be immediately alerted if any medical observation equipment senses irregularities with a patient.

The effectiveness of orderlies and porters can be significantly increased by implementing a 2-way-messaging solution that enables clinical staff to simply and rapidly request service (referred to as tasks) via an easy to use graphical user interface on a network connected PC. In addition, hospital management systems can be configured to automatically issue service requests to the orderlies/porters. The tasks are equally distributed among the orderlies/porters based on the pre-defined operational rules. With the advent of Location Based Services (LBS) the task request will be sent to the porter/orderly best positioned to perform that task thereby increasing overall staff efficiency.

The Ascom wireless handheld units are specifically designed to be used in a clinical environment because...

- They are water, dust and drop resistant
- They can be sterilised with alcohol based wipes
- They are multi function devices that provide Telephony, Push-to-Talk (PTT), 2-Way-
and Next Generation Duress
- They are completely integrated with the DURAsuite clinical applications suite.

Within the healthcare environment Ascom typically integrates with the following external and management systems...

- Nursecall
- Security (e.g. Fire, Access Control, Motion detection)
- Environmental control (e.g. BMS, HVAC, SCADA)
- Paging and Critical Messaging
- Duress Alarms
- Public Address
- Hospital Management (e.g. RIS, LIS)
- Patient monitoring, Patient Tracking
- IPPBX, Open Channel and traditional PBX