Posted Mon, 01/19/2009 - 14:48 by admin

Is an automated task allocation system. DURAdispatch enables the efficient distribution of tasks to staff carrying Ascom 2-way messaging capable handheld units. Tasks can be entered via a username/password protected internet browser based GUI or from external systems. Tasks are allocated to staff based on a set of customer defined parameters that optimise the distribution and management of the tasks.

Enables the bi-directional integration with external management systems (e.g. Nursecall, Hospital Management, BMS, Fire Panel, Access Control, IT systems, SCADA, PLC etc.). Alarms and messages raised by these systems can be received using a combination of industry standard and proprietary protocols over either serial or TCP/IP links and then immediately delivered to relevant staff carrying a handheld device.

Is an internet browser based GUI that enables users to type and send text messages to either individuals or groups of individuals carrying wireless handheld devices.

Enables the connection of traditional hard wired alarms - typically found on doors and windows, wired duress systems and old nursecall systems so that alarms and messages raised can be immediately delivered to relevant staff carrying a handheld devices.

Manages both the distribution of all messages within the DURAsuite system to either individual destinations (i.e. handheld devices or external systems) or group destinations (i.e. handheld unit groups).  DURAmanager is also responsible for the management of message escalations and message redirections.

Allows for messages to be automatically scheduled for transmission at regular intervals using either simple or complex scheduling patterns.