Posted Mon, 05/04/2009 - 18:28 by Ncallister

Simple to install
Using ENSUREsuite means that installation and maintenance service operations can easily deploy and maintain high levels of end-user functionality that would be complex and require very detailed specialist knowledge with traditional applications.

Simple to use
ENSUREsuite enables customers to provide greater levels of protection to their staff and gain greater workplace efficiencies with very intuitive and simple to use Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).

ENSUREsuite is comprised of 4 modules that perform various parts of the message/alarm distribution, escalation and logging process. They are...

All alarms, messages and tasks that are generated by, transmitted by, or received by DURAsuite are date and time stamped and stored on ENSURElog for post incident or general management reporting.

Used for the co-ordination of staff, management and emergency response teams during crisis situations, ENSUREspeech provides the ability for several users (up to 15) to join an open channel conversation from their wireless handheld units, wired handsets or mobile phones (provided the PBX/IP-PBX has been appropriately integrated). Each ENSUREspeech module supports up to 5 open channels.

In mission critical areas, especially where the triggering of the emergency response is dependant on an operator seeing an alarm on the DURAalarm display, the risk posed by staff closing down the internet browser is potentially severe. ENSUREweb locks the browser to disable it from being closed and hence removing the risk.

In scenarios where speech announcements to wireless handheld units, wired handsets or mobile phones is required instead of text message notification, ENSUREannounce routes a call to the required handheld device and uses text-to-speech conversion to annunciate the message.