Posted Tue, 06/11/2013 - 15:00 by fofarrell

Ascom's nursecall system immediately notifies local nursing staff on their handset, with ward and bed location information, that a patient has pushed their Nursecall button. In addition, the nurse who received the notification message can press the “dial button” on their handset and be immediately connected with the patient's bedside phone, enquiring what the patient needs. This maximises the efficiency of the nursing staff as they are not needlessly walking corridors to determine what the patient requires – and the patient receives an improved level of care with a more immediate response to their request.

With Asom's integration capability (DURAsuite – DURAlink module), pre-defined “events” in the nursecall system can trigger...
- information messages to be dispatched to both local area (DECT & WiFi) and wide area (Cellular) handheld devices, other management systems, IT systems (Email and IP Phones) and visual display systems.
- high priority alarms to be sent to both local area (DECT & WiFi) and wide area (Cellular) handheld devices complete with Acknowledge Requests and Escalation Management, to optimise the security response.

All managed nursecall events and subsequent acknowledge request responses and escalations are time and date stamped and logged for post incident reporting.